The vital importance of receiving the right advice first time!

Most lenders use a process called credit scoring when assessing your loan.

You may pass all the lenders criteria in obtaining a loan but then be told that you have failed credit scoring.  Credit scoring is not your credit file but your credit file does affect your credit score.

We often speak with clients that have been to their bank and have not succeeded in having their loan approved.  Those clients then try lender after lender with the same result.  These numerous applications can have a very negative effect on your credit file. Every loan application is recorded. Too many credit applications by the party are often viewed negatively by lenders.

If your loan requires mortgage insurance then you will often have two approval processes – As both the lender and the mortgage insurer need to approve your loan.  Applying through numerous lenders can often backfire as there are only two main mortgage insurers. The chances are if your loan application has been declined, then changing lender will be fruitless. It may go back to the same mortgage insurer whom has already declined your initial loan application.

Several major lenders have the authority to approve mortgage insured loans on behalf of the mortgage insurer. However if your loan has been declined by that mortgage insurer through another lender the authority is automatically revoked. 

It’s so very important to receive the right advice from a Professional Broker as your current Bank or Lender may not be your best option as the client. After all the Bank/ Lender can only advise on their own policies.